Friday, October 11, 2013

dao bandon: khon khi lang khwai

artist: ดาว บ้านดอน (dao bandon)
album: คนขี่หลังควาย (khon khi lang khwai)
01. คนขี่หลังควาย (khon khi lang khwai)
02. ทิดจ้อยปล่อยไก่ (thit choi ploi kai)
03. ลำเพลินเกี้ยวสาว (lam phloen kieow sao)
04. จันดีขี้ฝอย (chan di khi foi)
05. นั่งสามล้อตามแฟน (nang sam lo tam faen)
06. ตามหาสายบัว (tam ha sai bua)
07. ลาน้องไปจัดรายการ (la nong pai chat rai kan)
08. นัดวันกินดอง (nat wan kin dong)
09. จดหมายไม่มีซอง (chot mai mai mi song)
10. รักจริงๆ ตาหวาน (rak ching ching ta wan)
11. หนุ่มลำน้ำชี (num lam nam chi)
12. ลำเพลินเจริญใจ (lam phloen charoen chai)
13. หนุ่มปั้มน้ำมัน (num pump nam man)
14. อ้ายบ่ลืม (ai bo luem)
15. แหล่สอนหญิง (lae son ying)
16. น้ำในคลอง (nam nai khlong)

this week, the legendary buffalo rider, dao bandon! dao was born to a rice farming family in northeastern thailand's yasothon province. after 4th grade, his parents couldn't afford to continue sending him to school, and he was sent to live in a monastery and there continue his education. it was here that he realized his significant vocal gifts, by way of the rhythmic chant & preaching required by the vocation. he was discovered at temple by songwriter thepphabut satirotchomphu, who guaranteed him a career as molam when he left the monkhood. dao gave up his robes, and theppabhut made good on his promise. the talented young singer quickly won success, and would in fact become the first molam ever to sell one million copies! and he's still a big name today, whether it's on the lips of current pop stars or through the amazing re-issue work of zudrangma records. from the first listen, it should be obvious why.. enjoy!



Holly said...

Excellent. Thank you, Peter.

Anonymous said...

Great! Looking forward to listen to this, thank you a lot!

Edouard said...

What a powerful album, " lam phloen kieow sao ", incredible! What is this kind of flute with a very high tune, (
a kind of tape's transformation of bells) ?