Friday, August 23, 2013

suthep wongkamhaeng & sawali phakaphan

artist: สุเทพ วงศ์กำแหง + สวลี ผกาพันธุ์ (suthep wongkamhaeng & sawali phakaphan)
album: ถาม-ตอบ จาก สุเทพ-สวลี (tham-top chak suthep-sawali)
01. คนใจดำ (khon chai dam)
02. คนใจเดียว (khon chai dieow)
03. สั่งฟ้าฝากดิน (sang fa fak din)
04. ฟ้าลาดิน (fa la din)
05. ลาชู้ (la chu)
06. ชู้ลา (chu la)
07. บัญชารัก (bancha rak)
08. บัญชาสวาท (bancha sawat)
09. จอมนางบนกลางใจ (chom nang bon klang chai)
10. ชายเดียวในดวงใจ (chai dieow nai duang chai)
11. รักเธอกว่าล้านบาท (rak thoe kwa lan bat)
12. รักเธอไม่ถึงบาท (rak thoe mai thueng bat)
13. จูบประทับใจ (chup prathap chai)
14. จูบประจำใจ (chup pracham chai)
15. ธาราระทม (thara rathom)
16. ทะเลระทม (thale rathom)

this week, some delightful old city sounds from luk krung crooners suthep & sawali! veterans of suntharaphon (originally the thai public relations department band), suthep wongkamhaeng & sawali phakaphan both had successful solo careers, as well.. and often in tandem! this album in particular features the pair trading question-answer songs. the idea is essentially the same as what you can find in early american country&western or r&b, among calypsonians from trinidad, or (for a modern day equivalent) the diss track. these answer songs use the same composition with a slight, clever twist to the lyrics (i.e. "the woman utmost in my heart" vs. "the only man in my heart"). while nowhere near as spirited as the song battles that raged between their luk thung contemporaries, there's still plenty to like from these two. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

so good

Mikey B. said...

Could you please re-upload this! Thank you!

Mikey B. said...

Peter, would you please re-upload the ถาม-ตอบ จาก สุเทพ-สวลี album by wongkamhaeng & sawali phakaphan?