Monday, July 29, 2013

taofek thong thale sai

artist: เตาเฟก หวังเกษม (taofek wangkasem)
album: เตาเฟก ท่องทะเลทราย (taofek thong thale sai)
01. มาอากะกั้ลเลาะห์ (ma'akakallah)
02. ยาอัต เลลา (ya'at lela)
03. อัลบุคร่อ (al bukhro)
04. บิ้ลอูยูน (bil uyun)
05. ว่ารอกี้ (waroki)
06. อ้าฆุ้ลลัค (akhula')
07. ลุบนาน (lubnan)
08. ยาอัต เลลา (บรรเลง) (ya'at lela (instrumental))

this week, another great entry from bangkok's islamic music scene! there is very little info around about mr. taofek; a record label head who puts out his work could tell me only that he's not a musician by trade. like our tape from soliha & mohamad yamal yusef a while back, this is another fantastic collection of arab-malay grooves. to my ears, the music here is closer to a middle eastern precedent than that of the k.t. band.. heavy on the hand drums & accordion, with an archetypal arabic orchestra sound behind (though fear not, surf-guitar are hand-claps are intact!) enjoy!



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Thanks as always.

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