Thursday, November 22, 2012

phloen phromdaen

artist: เพลิน พรหมแดน (phloen phromdaen)
album: เพลิน พรหมแดน (phloen phromdaen)
01. คนเก่งภาษา (khon keng phasa)
02. ไปหาหมอ (pai ha mo)
03. ศิษย์หนุ่มกับครูสาว (sit num kap kru sao)
04. ผู้แทนมาแล้ว (phu thaen ma laeo)
05. แหยมย่องสาว (yaem yong sao)
06. เสียว (sieow)
07. อย่าห้ามกันดีกว่า (ya ham kan di kwa)
08. ไหว้ให้เมื่อยมือ (wai hai mueai mue)
09. ใจดำเหมือนการะแม (chai dam muean karamae)
10. ศุกร์เมาเสาร์นอน (suk mao sao non)
11. เจ็ดพันล้าน (chet phan lan)
12. คิดถึงลูก (khit thueng luk)
13. กำนันผันเงิน (kamnan phan ngoen)
14. พรรคกระสอบหาเสียง (phak krasop ha siang)
15. เมียไม่เอาถ่าน (mia mai ao than)
16. วันมหาสนุก (wan maha sanuk)

this week, a solid gold classic from mr. phloen phromdaen, the "king of talking music"!  phloen grew up in aranyaprathet on the cambodian border, where he worked on his parents' farm.  at age 20, a radio contest win landed him a spot in a local ramwong band.  following that stint, he headed for bangkok to join the burgeoning luk thung scene, using his own savings to record original songs.  eventually these sessions produced his massive hit "chom thung", which won him a spot among the biggest stars of the era, and even starring roles in several films.  shortly thereafter, phloen became interested in comedy and inventive ways to incorporate clever wordplay and skits into his tracks. what he came up with was phleng phut or "talking music", which is exactly what it sounds like.. phloen will stop the music in the middle of a song to engage in witty banter with his bandmates.  needless to say, thai comprehension would help in appreciating the skits, but luckily the songs are great as well!  enjoy!



kadao ton kao said...

thanks Peter, this is highly enjoyable!!

Will said...

Nice, a classic to go along with this turkey!

Holly said...

Peter, this is really fun, thank you!