Thursday, April 14, 2011

hit ngan phleng chut phiset chak 12 silapin indies doi onpa

artist: various
album: hit งานเพลงชุดพิเศษจาก 12 ศิลปิน indies โดย onpa (hit ngan phleng chut phiset chak 12 silapin indies doi onpa)
01. ยืนยัน (yuen yan)
by blackhead
02. คำตอบ (kham top)
by นครินทร์ กิ่งศักดิ์ (nakharin kingsak)
03. รักเธอ (rak thoe)
by ford
04. จากกันด้วยดี (chan kan duai di)
by byrd & heart
05. อยากบอกให้รู้ (yak bok hai ru)
by isn't
06. นานเหลือเกิน (nan luea koen)
by อัยย์ (ai)
07. บุษบา (butsaba)
by moderndog
08. 2 ทาง (2 thang)
by the must
09. เพราะฉันมีเพียงเธอ (phro chan mi phiang thoe)
by proud
10. หัวปัก หัวปำ (hua pak hua pam)
by holly berry
11. เธอน่ารัก (thoe na rak)
by สี่เต่าเธอ (si tao thoe)
12. ร่ำลา (ram la)
by t.n.t.

this week, a classic entry in the thai indie rock catalog! judging by the surfeit of copies filling the second-hand bins of the capital city, i imagine this tape was in the deck of every hip bangkok teen, circa 1995. the sounds presented here may not be what most consider "indie rock" (whatever it is we do consider it), but with industry giant sony given equal standing with bona-fide (at the time) independent labels like bakery music, it seems the thai notion of "indie" is at least as inconsistent as it is elsewhere. stylistically, you have everything from 90's alt-rock/grunge (blackhead, moderndog) to smooth, m.o.r.ish ballads (ford, byrd & heart), and then stuff closer to the jangly international ideal of indie rock (holly berry, si tao thoe). enjoy!


tonnu said...

i have this album. it was really special. truly a documentary of its time. this was before 'indy' was even in the thai dictionary. great find.

tonnu said...

one interesting absentee is the band called "crub". unfortunately, i also did not discover them until later as well.