Thursday, January 6, 2011

suchat thianthong: waen wiset

artist: สุชาติ เทียนทอง (suchat thianthong)
album: แว่นวิเศษ (waen wiset)
01. เหล้าจ๋า (lao cha)
02. ฮักกันบ่ได้ดอก (hak kan bo dai dok)
03. แว่นวิเศษ (waen wiset)
04. มองทำไม (mong thammai)
05. ด.จ.ป. (do. cho. po.)
06. ผัวแก่เมียสาว (phua kae mia sao)
07. ผัวเล็กผัวใหญ่ (phua lek phua yai)
08. กลัวเธอมีชู้ (klua thoe mi chu)
09. เข็มขัดกันชู้ (khem khat kan chu)
10. คิดถึงอุดร (khit thueng udon)
11. แม่ช่อกัญชา (mae cho kancha)
12. สงสัย (songsai)
featuring หฤทัย หิรัญญา (haruethai hiranya)

sorry for the long delay between posts; this holiday season caught me in the midst of yet another relocation! but better late than never, and i've got quite a classic to share this week. continuing with the theme of racy album art, we've got some great late-era work from mr. suchat thianthong! suchat was born and raised in ayutthaya province, and spent time working as a market seller & freelance boxer before joining the legendary chularat band. initially his specialty was slow, sweet love songs in the style of thun thongchai, but he lost his trademark high notes after a crippling case of tonsillitis. not willing to leave the stage, he applied his gritty new voice to comedic effect and proved a bigger hit than ever before. this is a collection of his "post-op" hits, featuring songs about liquor and ganja, along with a good amount of raunchy wordplay, and even a tale about a pair of "magic glasses" (vividly illustrated on the cover). enjoy!


Á Go-Gojira said...

Here's the cover of the แว่นวิเศษ (waen wiset) 7" single:

I believe the B-side หญิงไม่เอา is sung by a different artist; แก้ว กัลยา.

peter said...

thanks, gojira!
great covers.. i wonder if one or both were by piak poster, they seem like they could be his work.

hajimaji said...

wait, so this is the "gritty" voice?

peter said...

gritty by thai standards, that is

Á Go-Gojira said...

Looks like the magic glasses stopped working in the digital age:

peter said...

haha that's great!

Anonymous said...


Luktung Listener said...

Classic luktung songs.
It's joke.