Sunday, October 31, 2010

thao dakdae: takua chup thong

artist: ท้าวดักแด้ (thao dakdae)
album: ตะกั่วชุบทอง (takua chup thong)
01. ไร้สารตะกั่ว (rai san takua)
02. ถูกหวยมาหรือเปล่า (thuk huai rue plao)
03. ตัวเองยังเลี้ยงไม่รอด (tua eng yang liang mai rot)
04. ล้มโต๊ะ (lom to)
05. คัม ฟรอม แอล.เอ. (come from l.a.)
06. ไม่ได้แอ้มหรอก (mai dai aem rok)
07. พอกันที (pho kan thi)
08. สาวโรงงาน (sao rong ngan)
09. เออ! เอ็งเก่ง (oe! eng keng)
10. คนอีสาน (khon isan)
11. ตุ๊กแก (tukkae)
12. ปั๊มน้ำใจ (pam nam chai)

i wanted to do a holiday-specific post here, but i'm running low on spooky thai stuff! the best i could find is this creepy gentleman... "lead dipped in gold", as the title goes. admittedly, i don't really have any idea what's going on here. thao dakdae is a comedian/singer from isaan, and this seems to be his only album? just some workstation-heavy 90's molam luk thung. enjoy! and check out some real thai ghost songs at radiodiffusion internasionaal, here and here, plus the fantastic "lady cat ghost" by the fox!


Holly said...

Oh, please tell us more about The Fox & "Lady Cat Ghost" ! Love it!

Happy belated Halloween ...

Á Go-Gojira said...

what holiday is this, halloween?
wouldn't celebrating loy krathong be more appropriate for this blog? ;-)
..or is it too early for that?

peter said...

yes, halloween was the holiday i had in mind! loi krathong is still to come, 'round the end of november, but i've squandered all my relevant songs already! though, say.. if i'm not mistaken, you have a don sonrabiap holiday single in your clutches! would you be at all interested in doing a guest post, gojira?