Thursday, September 23, 2010

khwanchit siprachan: luk thung 5 thotsawat

artist: ขวัญจิต ศรีประจันต์ (khwanchit siprachan)
album: ลูกทุ่ง 5 ทศวรรษ (luk thung 5 thotsawat)
01. กับข้าวเพชฌฆาต (kap khao phetchakhat)
02. แม่ครัวตัวอย่าง (mae khrua tua yang)
03. ก็นั่นนะซี่ (ko nan na si)
04. เศรษฐีเมืองสุพรรณ (sethi mueang suphan)
05. วุ๊ยว๊าย (wui wai)
06. ผัวบ้าๆ (pua ba ba)
07. พ่อเพาเว่อร์ (po power)
08. น้ำตาดอกคำใต้ (nam ta dok khamtai)
09. สุดแค้นแสนรัก (sut khaen saen rak)
10. สาวสุพรรณ (sao suphan)
11. อ้อมอกเจ้าพระยา (om ok chao phraya)
12. แหลมตะลุมพุก (laem talumphuk)
13. รักมฤตยู (rak maruettayu)
featuring กู้เกียรติ นครสวรรค์ (kukiat nakhonsawan)
14. ลิเกหลงโรง (like long rong)

this week, by special request, we'll hear from luk thung folk star khwanchit siprachan! khwanchit was born & raised in central thailand's suphan buri province. from a young age she took an interest in local folk song, but her father forbid her to pursue it, fearing the corrupting influence of the stage (as well as the prospect of losing a domestic hand!). nevertheless, she eventually left home to study with the great pleng isaeo songmasters of suphan, becoming a respected artist in the folk song community for her powerful voice & clever improvisations. she was an audience favorite upcountry, and in time even became a regular on the stage of sanam luang in bangkok. here she was courted by many luk thung groups, but found waiphot phetsuphan's to be most consonant with her love of folksong. she joined the group and quickly set to recording the string of hits collected here. by the early 70's, however, she had left luk thung behind. she returned to the folk songs she loved so much, as both performer and preservationist, and eventually was named a national artist for her contributions to the artform. hope you enjoy!


duriandave said...

Thanks Peter! I'm listening to it right now. The first track has a Motown soul feel to it that's really cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I asked about a record by her in the Dao Bandon post, this is a magical record.

peter said...

yes, this one's for you! glad you like it.

peter said...

also dave, i know what you mean... the thai take on funk and soul is typically played a bit straighter and has a bit lacier texture in the drums & bass, but i can definitely see motown as the jumping off point!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this sound clip! Marvellous! Is there any information on authentic folk songs on love? Can we hear a clip of that anywhere? Thanks again!

peter said...

heh, i don't quite understand the question... could you explain what you mean?