Saturday, June 12, 2010

chawiwan damnoen: ton kamnoet molam, vol. 11

artist: ฉวีวรรณ ดำเนิน (chawiwan damnoen)
album: ต้นกำเนิดหมอลำ 11 (ton kamnoet molam, vol. 11)
01. น้ำใจผู้บ่าว (nam chai phu bao)
02. หัวอกหนุ่มชาวนา (hua ok num chao na)
03. แม่ฮ้าง (mae hang)
04. สังคนาสังขาร 1 (sang khana sangkhan 1)
05. สังคนาสังขาร 2 (sang khana sangkhan 2)
06. ลาวอพยพ (lao opphayop)
07. เขมรอพยพ (khmer opphayop)
08. ชีวิตผู้ใหญ่บ้าน (chiwit phu yai ban)
09. ศิลปินเมื่อตกยาก (silapin muea tok yak)
10. รำลึกความหลัง (ramluek khwam lang)
11. เข้าพรรษา (khao phansa)
12. พิมพากับราหุน (phimpha kap rahun)
13. หนุ่มรถสองแถว 1 (num rot song thaeo 1)
14. หนุ่มรถสองแถว 2 (num rot song thaeo 2)

we're back again this week with some beautiful sounds from isaan! mae chawiwan, a national artist of thailand, is one of the northeast's most fondly regarded singers. she was born in ubon ratchathani to a family of farmers, and studied lam with her father from a young age. through her strong, melodious voice and clever lyricism, she became the reigning singer & composer of the artform, called "queen of molam" by many. though she experimented with western funk & rock sounds at various points in her career, this tape captures her in minimal fashion, solo voice with khaen backing. at present, chawiwan teaches at khon kaen university and still performs. enjoy!


owlqaeda said...

dope! another indispensable summer day set to alienate the redneck neighbors.

cnjnctvsynth said...

I ran across a Thai tape on this blog. You might drop the author a note about it. It is awfully good stuff, incidentally.
Thanks for all the great posts!

peter said...

thanks for the tip, always glad to help out!

and yeah, i have been gradually moving all the old posts from sendspace over to mediafire, but it's a pretty time-consuming process, so i've gone ahead & skipped forward to buddha bless as per request.. you should find a working mediafire link there now! enjoy!

cnjnctvsynth said...

Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

wow this one was/ is truly amazing!!! thnaks for the share!!!!!!!!!!

Dmitriy Titov said...

Reupload please.

Eric said...

Can you re-up this? I got curious for more of Chawiwan Damnoen after Molam vol 3 you posted somewhat more recently. I liked that one a lot!!!