Monday, May 10, 2010

achan prasong: thet lae isan

artist: อาจารย์ ประสงค์ (achan prasong)
album: เทศน์แหล่อีสาน (thet lae isan)
01. ปฏาจารา (patachara)
02. ลูกสะใภ้ (luk saphai)

this week we have some beautiful sacred music from thailand's northeast; achan prasong performing thet lae! despite the fact that buddhist monks are prohibited from singing, there exists a tradition of very melodic and expressive vocalizations used for reciting sacred texts or even sermons composed in klon, the same poetic form used by molam. lae can be heard during festivals of all kinds in isan, and in central thailand it was a big influence upon luk thung music.. there's even a history of bandleaders courting the talented young preachers to become recording stars, such as in the case of dao bandon. but on this tape, we have original lae, unaccompanied! on side one, achan prasong tells the story of patachara, a female disciple of gautama buddha, and on the second side, a famous familial parable. enjoy!


OWLQAEDA said...

dear peter, yr complaint has been rightfully noted & hopefully yule notice where possible in posts subsequent to faustino santalices, i utilized the multiupload service so u might have some options. very sorry to hear about yr predicament. honestly hadn't thought of that as it's never happened to me first-talon so... if there's something in particular you're dying to hear, hute atma & owl see what iken du. may take some thyme but it'll happen. gospeeeed

Anonymous said...

this cassette is pure magical bliss! thanks for the post.
I am very glad I found your blog yesterday.