Wednesday, September 16, 2009

klong yao klong suek

performers: unknown
album: กลองยาวกลองศึก (klong yao klong suek)
01. กลองยาวกลองศึก (klong yao klong suek)
02. กลองยาวระทึกใจ (klong yao rathuek chai)
03. กลองยาวไพรสวรรค์ (klong yao phrai sawan)
04. กลองยาวบันดาลสุข (klong yao ban dan suk)
05. กลองยาวสนุกสนาน (klong yao sanuksanan)
06. โห่ 3 ลากลองยาวประยุกต์ (ho 3 la klong yao prayuk)
07. กลองยาวสำราญชื่น (klong yao samran chuen)
08. กลองยาวรื่นเริง (klong yao ruenroeng)
09. กลองยาวบันเทิงใจ (klong yao banthoeng chai)
10. กลองยาวแห่บวชนาค (klong yao hae buat nakh)
11. กลองยาวผสมปี่ชวา (klong yao phasom pi java)
12. โห่ 3 ลากลองยาวผสมปี่พาทย์ (ho 3 la klong yao phasom piphat)

this week we have a great thai folk beat recording! named for their lead instrument, the thai long drum, klong yao ensembles have long been an important fixture in local culture. a staple of village fairs both religious & secular, the marching klong yao troupe provides a indispensably raucous soundtrack to the festivities. replete with call & responses choruses, clattering drums, persistent cymbals, all manner of yodels, screeches, hollers and so on, it's hard to miss the appeal of this enduring phenomenon. originally thought of as a central thai form, klong yao has long since diffused throughout the kingdom, mixing along the way with a myriad of regional styles. unfortunately i don't know much about this particular recording; the group performing goes uncredited on the cassette.. joined in places by horn sections, electric organ & guitar, and even thai classical instruments, they seem to be inspired by the ประยุกต์ (prayuk), or "applied" folksong movement, similar to the recently-anthologized "shadow music" genre. enjoy the big drums!


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Dope, as the kids (used to) say. Thanks.

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youhou, yodels !

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quique ruiz said...

The track 5 is damaged.