Sunday, March 8, 2009

buddha bless: kat man du

band: บุดด้า เบลส (buddha bless)
album: กัด มันส์ ดุ (kat man du)
01. shake it baby!
02. ดุ๊ก ดิ๊ก (duk dik)
03. หุ่นยนต์ (hunyon)
04. นรก (narok)
05. ปักตะไคร้ (pak takhrai)
06. จ้น จน (chon chon)
07. โดเรมอน (doraemon)
08. สวยจัง (เทยนี่หว่า) (suay chang (thoei niwa))
09. แค่อกหัก (khae okhak)
10. เปียกอับชื้น (piak ap chuen)

keeping with newer music for the moment, here is thailand's first (i think..) reggae/dancehall group! this might not be everyone's thing (alexandra can't stand them, for instance) but i think they're alot of fun! i'm not sure where exactly they're from (probably bangkok).. i'm assuming their claim of จังหวัด แดนซ์ฮอลล์ (dancehall province) isn't completely accurate. buddha bless rap about hell, doraemon and lemongrass.. so i think lyrically they have all the bases covered. this one's just off cd, back to old cassettes next week!! & here's an MV:


peter said...

thai version!

Jeff said...

i've been coming to your blog since the beginning and love it to death, but this one really blew my mind (in an unbelievably awesome way)

Laurent said...

it sounds like magic
can you re-up it please ?

peter said...

hmm.. seems to still be up from what i can see! lemme know if you still have trouble!

Laurent said...

thanks, it worked !

cnjnctvsynth said...

Just getting familiar with your blog. What a ton of great music. Could you please re-up Buddha Bless? Thanks.