Monday, February 2, 2009

suntaraphon: anuson khru phleng suntaraphon

band: สุนทราภรณ์ (suntaraphon)
album: อนุสรณ์ครูเพลง สุนทราภรณ์ (anuson khru phleng suntaraphon)
01. สวัสดีบางกอก (sawatdi bangkok)
sung by จิตราภรณ์ บุญญขันธ์ (chitraphon bunyakhan)
02. พรหมลิขิต (phromlikhit)
sung by ธรรมรัตน์ นวะมะรัตน์ (thammarat nawamarat)
03. ฉันเป็นของเธอ (chan pen khong thoe)
04. ฝังหัวใจ (fang hua chai)
sung by บุษยา รังสี (butya rangsi)
05. สิ้นหวัง (sin wang)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
06. รักให้โง่ (rak hai ngo)
sung by รำไพ บุญศิริธรรม (ramphai bunsiritham)
07. หนามชีวิต (nam chiwit)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
08. ตลุงพระมะเลเถไถ (talung phrama lethe thai)
sung by เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ + ชวลีย์ ช่วงวิทย์ (loet prasomtarap + chawali chuangwit)
09. ฉันยังเหมือนเดิม (chan yang muean doem)
sung by ชัชฎาภรณ์ รักษณาเวศ (chatdaphon raksanawet)
10. กังหันสวาท (kanghan sawat)
sung by รุ่งฤดี แพ่งผ่องใส (rungridi phaengphongsai)
11. หาดผาแดง (hat pha daeng)
sung by ประพนธ์ สุนทรจามร (praphon sunthonchamon)
12. คนจะรักกัน (khon cha rak kan)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
13. วิหคเหิรลม (wihokh hoen lom)
sung by เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี (phensi phumchusi)
14. น้ำใจชาวเหนือ (nam chai chao nuea)
sung by บุษยา รังสี (butya rangsi)
15. รอยมลทิน (roi monthin)
sung by รวงทอง ทองลั่นทม (ruangthong thonglanthom)
16. รำวงฝนมาทุยหาย (ramwong fon ma thui hai)
sung by เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ + ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (loet prasomtarap + sisuda rattawan)

this week, a special introduction to the suntaraphon big band! headed by iconic violinist/bandleader เอื้อ สุนทรสนาน (uea sunthonsanan), this famed collective has basically defined the pleng luk krung genre since its inception, and is the longest reigning hit combo in thai pop history. founded in 1939 (พ.ศ. 2482), the band got its start as the official orchestra of the government public relations department. soon their sound became increasingly in-demand for private performance, and the outside-sanction "suntaraphon" brand was born. most of the suntaraphon band singers released albums under their own names, names which took up permanent residence at the top of the charts, thanks to weight lent by the suntaraphon seal! this particular tape compiles some of the stars of what i'd term suntaraphon's "second wave" in the late 60's. the music here is of course fantastic.. a superb confluence of swinging dance numbers & soft sentimental ballads behind sparkling melisma. as may be expected, this style's often considered a bit on the old fashioned side, but its retro appeal was highlighted in the 2000 film ฟ้าทะลายโจร (tears of the black tiger). maybe it's poised for a comeback..!


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

Anonymous said...


Neu Mejican said...

You may find this one interesting.

peter said...

hey thanks neu mejican, i actually have that record! it's fun dance music from isaan. it's too bad the performers aren't credited, i'd love to know who's playing! one really funny thing is that the art on the cover has nothing to do with the album itself, it's just an old soap ad!! hehe, it's funny how much it looks like an actual LP cover

Anonymous said...

I've read that the album is a hoax!

peter said...

i've read that as well (i.e. that it's non-thais emulating isaan music?) but i don't think that's true. i think that rumour is probably due to fact that the original pressing (under the title "siamese temple ball") had a written description that likened the music to a number of american groups, but it sounds like thai musicians to me.. i'd be really surprised to learn otherwise! it would have to be an intensely studied imitation; the voices in the background are even speaking thai, heh. my guess it is just a recording someone made of the band at some northeastern festival..

Natt said...

Dear ,Peter. I happened to know this band very well and I might be able to answer some questions . The art of the cover is the head of the band, suntarapon , he is declared one of the greatest person from UNESCO . He composed over 2000 songs . His music set an era in Thailand during that period . To your guess about the that northeastern song , I'm afraid that's not correct . There was nothing to do with the Northeastern at all , the song said how joyful the rain came so everyone can go into rice field and let's work .With a sense of humor if the buffalo( used for ploughing soils) were lost , she said would replace it with the guy! Haha this sounds more from central part of Thailand than other region

peter said...

hi natt, thanks for trying to help, but the record being discussed in the comments section here is not the one in the main post, it's the one to which neu mejican linked in the 3rd comment. you might notice the text in the original post does include a lengthy description of the suntaraphon band. follow neu mejican's link to see the album we are discussing!