Wednesday, December 24, 2008

little angels children's choir: christmas song collection

singers: 小天使兒童合唱團 (little angels children's choir)
album: 聖誕歌集 (christmas song collection)
01. 鹿車到了 (sleighride)
02. 小雪人 (little snowman)
03. 天使報佳音 (angels bring good tidings)
04. 白色聖誕 (white christmas)
05. 齊唱聖誕快樂 (sing merry christmas together)
06. 搖籃曲 (lullabye)
07. 聖誕老人來了 (santa claus has come)
08. 聖誕禮物 (christmas presents)
09. 聖誕小孩最開心 (most joyful children on christmas)
10. 平安夜 (christmas eve)
11. 這倜晩上 (this evening)
12. 報佳音 (good tidings)

this week, in the spirit of the holidays, a momentary diversion from theme: for chinese christmas carols! this tape originated in thailand's (not-quite-next-door) neighbour to the south, the city-state of singapore. it's a collection of western christmas carols sung by chinese children, and i imagine that's all i need say by way of recommendation. i'm not sure exactly which variety of chinese the kids are singing.. it's not mandarin, i'd wager a guess that it's hokkien or cantonese? anyone know? since i don't, i gave english translation rather than transcription here. anyhow, this wonderful gem was picked up by alexandra from a dollar bin on the sidewalks of manhattan's chinatown. thanks alexandra!!! please enjoy & have wonderful holidays! fantastic thai music returns soon!


peter said...

中文 version

Unknown said...

Hi Peter. I don't comment on your posts as often as I should - but I really love a lot of what you post. I was just going through your archives and found this amazing looking tape and the link is dead. Is there a chance for a reupload? If not that's cool.

Thanks for all the great stuff you have posted!

peter said...

hi carol!
thanks for alerting me to the dead link.. unfortunately, this is the one album on the whole site i don't have backed up! (i assigned it less importance for the off-topicality, i guess?) if i have time (and can find the tape, of course) i'll be sure to post a comment here & let you know!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Peter!